About us


When Polyana Korhonen, the founder of the Christian Au Pair Agency, in 2010 arrived to her host country, she had no idea of what to expect. Nearly two years and three host families later, she knew she had made the right choice to go abroad as an au pair. The years abroad had resulted in two new languages, many lifelong friends and valuable international experience. Actually the last host country, Sweden, made such an impression on her that she decided to settle there permanently. However, the time abroad also taught Polyana a lot about the life as au pair and the relationship with both host family and the au pair agency. Since the au pair lives with the host family it is important for her to settle in. Therefore, it is an immerse advantage if the aupair has the same values as the host family. Furthermore, it is very important that the au pair agency is always there supporting the au pair and the host family.

Out of my own experience, I know what a huge difference it makes
when the host family and the au pair share the same values, especially being a Christian. I saw an opportunity to help such families and au pairs to find each other and a few months later, the Christian Au Pair Agency was born.

The Mission

The mission is to help Christian au pairs and Christian host families to find each other. Through a thorough matching and screening process the agency can assure that the right au pair is properly matched to the host family.

The Vision

The vision is to become the obvious choice of au pair agency for all Christian au pairs and host families all around the world.

The Values