What responsibility does the agency take for the choice of au pair or host family?

The au pair and the host family have voluntarily chosen to be a part of the au pair agreement, in both cases without any guarantee on the part of Christian Au Pair Agency. Therefore, Christian Au Pair Agency holds no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences arising from the interactions between the au pair and the host family.

Can the Christian Au Pair Agency decide to cancel the placement contract?

Yes, the Christian Au Pair Agency can decide to cancel the contract with immediate effect in case of violation of the contract requirements. If the au pair has been dismissed because of contract violation on the au pair’s part, Christian Au Pair Agency cannot guarantee the au pair a new placement. In this case the au pair has to return to his/her home country immediately. The Christian Au Pair Agency will also charge the au pair a fee of maximum 500€ (within one month after the violation of the contract), which will be given to the host family.

Can I have an agreement with another agency?

No, The au pair and the host family will have to agree not to make any arrangements with any other agencies as long as they are under contract with the Christian Au Pair Agency.

How long does it take for the au pair to arrive to the host country?

It depends on the nationality and host country of the au pair. Au pairs from EU/EEA countries going to other EU/EEA countries can leave their home country as soon as the contract has been signed by all parties. The same applies to Non-EU citizens who have acquired the status of long-term resident in another EU Member State, and citizens of Switzerland. For those who need work and residence permit and possibly a visa, it will take at least three months, depending on the authorities.